For Membership inquiries , please contact our Membership coordinator Russ ( Rusty ) Matthews at 705-429-0046 or email at 

Russ Matthews was inducted into the Canadian Hot Rod Hall of Fame  in 1994.


Social events and member advice - You are more likely to find social evenings and other members willing to offer hands-on help or advice.



Other experienced owners can offer tips and advice on things they have learned the hard way and might know of local garages and parts suppliers that can help.

As well as meetings many clubs have online websites  where owners can seek help and advice and find where they can get parts - 



A place where we can advertise your car or parts on our For sale page for free.

Being a member of the Wasaga Beach cruisers also offers perks, such as savings at certain locations with some of our Sponsors.



Joining a car club provides you with the opportunity to contribute your specialized knowledge to a growing pool of accredited information.



Many car enthusiasts argue that collecting is something they do for themselves; a personal hobby that enriches their lives and keeps their hands busy. But who doesn’t like showing off every once in awhile? Regular car shows, road trips and workshop visits are an excuse to get the old girl out of the garage, give her a polish and put her on display. Who better to appreciate your proud work than a fellow enthusiast?



Not an owner? No worries!

Have a deep passion for a particular brand, make or model, but lacking the finances to purchase just yet? Most car clubs welcome non-owners into their midst. Joining a car club with a keen interest and intent to one day purchase can be a real advantage. What better way to make an informed decision before you buy than perusing the club archives, seeking advice and comparing members’ cars to your own requirements?



We have expert members in the restoration business that can assist and guide you in the right direction.


Last but not least, as a Wasaga Beach Cruiser member, you get to show off your WBC apparel, we have T Shirts Available for purchase, for members, hats, jackets, window stickers and much more.